Thursday, November 14, 2019

How's that Global Warming working out for ya?

Every year is the Hottest Year Ever®, at least it seems this way because the press reports it that way.  I've posted often about how this is only because the temperature record is changed, increasing recent temperatures - thus, the string of Hottest Year Ever®

But the record temperatures - both high and low - are not adjusted.  We haven't seen a record high temperature set in any of the fifty States in over 20 years despite the run of reported Hottest Year Ever®.  Well, we're told, what's happening is that the Greenhouse Effect raises the temperature in the winter (and at night), so average temperature is increasing.  But remember, the night and winter temperatures are also adjusted.  So what's going on with the record winter temperatures?

Boy, howdy:
Record lows were reported this morning from Birmingham, Alabama, to Burlington, Vermont, from New York City to Detroit, from Wichita to St. Louis, From Atlanta to Ohio. Birmingham’s low of 18F shattered the previous record of 22F set in 1911.
New York City and Buffalo, New York, as well as parts of Ohio set new cold records. In Kansas alone, at least six cities, including Wichita, set cold records for the date on Tuesday.
In Missouri, St. Louis dropped to 11F, breaking a record for the date that had stood for more than 100 years.
Meanwhile, the entire state of Alabama was under a freeze warning as temperatures dipped into the 20s and below, breaking records at more than 100 locations.
Record-challenging low temperatures were everywhere. Single-digit temperatures descended on much of the Midwest, where Detroit sank to 7F, shattering the old record of 12F for the day.
And remember all the record cold temperatures last winter?  This isn't a "weather not climate" incident, unless the climate serves up record freezing each year as "normal weather" - which you could just as well call "climate".

Record temperatures aren't adjusted, remember?  After a century of ZOMG Warming, should it even be possible for this many cold records to be set?  Or maybe the adjustments aren't being done right.  Maybe changing data after it is recorded is an opportunity for all sorts of mischief, or incompetence.

Oh, and a note: these aren't daily records.  They're records for the month of November:
Record-low temperatures from Texas to Maine. Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan set records not only for the day, but for the entire month of November, according to forecasters.
At least eight deaths have been blamed on a record-breaking cold spellthat still had its grip on much of the country Wednesday morning.
The National Weather Service said the cold front brought a level of intensity not seen since 1911, more than 100 years ago.
And this is a reminder that in record heat people are uncomfortable; in record cold they die.


Old NFO said...

Excellent points... And 'odd' about those records, isn't it... :-)

michigan doug said...

No sunspots.

Gonna get colder.

LSP said...

Ahem, Borepatch. Are you saying it isn't hotter because it's colder?

Report yourself immediately.

The Lab Manager said...

I always like to pay attention to the daily weather report in my local in southern Texas. The highs and lows are all over the place across a variety of years.

We had about three or so northers in October and this week has been something you would expect in December or some January days. It's expected to be mild this weekend.

Aesop said...

The AGW Climastrology lunatards will recover, and rejoice: starting next year, everything will be proof it's getting warmer.
Because compared to these new cold records, ZOMG!, it will be.

This is the philosophical equivalent of Anderson Cooper standing in a hole in water up to his neck to make hurricane flooding look so horrific.

The lamestream media forgot, in choosing to become politicians 24/7/365, that all the old saws now apply in full force: we can tell they're lying to us, because their lips are moving.

Howard Brewi said...

Just as a point of intrest, when the lower 48 has a cold snap up here in Alaska we often have a warm spell. If the jet streem dips south over the eastern US dragging arctic air south the vacuum in the arctic is filled by warm Pacific air. Anchorage was warmer than Alabama today. Here in the Copper Basin (eastern mainland Alaska) the last 5 days have been between 13 and 23 but Anchorage and the Matsu valley have had some above freezing temps and some of their spring willows have been blooming. Sea ice in western Alaska has been scarcer then normal the last couple of winters leading to significant erosion around some villiges normaly protected by ice. I have read articles with pictures of 1920's newspapers claiming that we were warming enough that we would think we were in the midlatitudes soon so it is has happened before. Certainly it is possible that the solar minimum, especially if it deepens further and persists may cause an overall dip in temperatures.

AndyN said...

In record heat, Americans are uncomfortable. In record heat, Europeans die because they insist on energy policies that drive their electricity prices through the roof. Since Europeans are better than us, weather that kills them matters more than weather that kills us.

The Lab Manager said...

Little Ice Age lessons
The world’s last climate crisis demonstrates that surviving is possible if bold economic and social change is embraced