Sunday, November 10, 2019

François Couperin - Les Barricades Mystérieuses

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Louis XIV was the world's toughest music critic, famously muttering "Le critic de musique, c'est moi" (well, I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere).  The Sun King held the most splendid court outside of China, and so demanded the very best in everything.

François Couperin was Court organist, so we know that Le critique de music thought he was pretty darned good.  The rest of France simply called him Couperin le Grand.

We have a ton of his music, since he was given carte blanch to publish whatever he wanted to.  This made him influential all across Europe, and no less than J. S. Bach corresponded with him.  Later generations much admired his work, notably Brahms and Ravel - whose Tombeau de Couperin we have seen here before.

Long time reader and friend Libertyman suggested Couperin some time ago.  Since today is the composer's birthday it seemed fitting.

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libertyman said...

Geez, I recommended the guy? If I did, I forgot!

I first heard Couperin performed at the Cathedral in Chartres, France years ago. Part of the composition sounded like the "Star Spangled Banner" so all the Americans stood up when they heard that.

Many thanks for today's class!