Monday, November 4, 2019

Reproduction firearms

We picked up a flintlock pistol for my pirate costume at Party City, which meant that it was cheap and plastic.  The Queen Of The World thought it looked terrible, and so she went on Amazon and found this:

It is stunningly beautiful - their claim of "Museum Reproduction Quality" is no joke.  The box had a little brochure of some of the items they sell

Lemat pistol:

Broomhandle Mauser:

Thompson (they also have a drum magazine model):
There are a ton more, also including swords and other such.  The workmanship on my pistol is a delight, and it cost around $45 - a lot more than that piece of plastic junk from Party City, but this isn't going to end up in a land fill.  If you like cool old firearms, you'll enjoy their web site.  They even have a blog.

Denix is a small family-owned business that's been around for fifty years, producing a quality product.  If you are a reenactor you can get some kit from them.  If you are putting together a pirate costume, you can get some kit there.  Recommended.


Antibubba said...

A couple of those on hand might be just thing for my friendly neighborhood gun buyback.

libertyman said...

If and when the action photos of the participants will be released here?

Did Wolfgang dress up too?