Thursday, November 21, 2019

Donald Trump should fire the top three layers of the Navy JAG command

Can I get an "amen"?

Pour encourager les autres, bien sur.  Of course, unlike Admiral Byng, these bastards would have it coming.


Glen Filthie said...


The fart suckers responsible for that one should be fired out of a cannon!

We could prolly do the same with half the civilian legal beagles too.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Top three layers of almost every administrative agency.

McChuck said...

This is the true legacy of Obama. A general officer corps full of hard core Leftists.

Eagle said...

At this admiral's level, it's no longer about "caring for the troops". It's about gamesmanship and political maneuvering, and policy directives that make YOU feel good while destroying morale.

Once upon a time, Admiral Zumwalt was put in charge of Navy operations. He began sending out directives - "Z-Grams" - that were deeply appreciated by enlisteds but directly opposed by high-ranked Navy officers. The reasons for opposition ranged from "not on my ship" to "this isn't how the Navy operates", and every possible "reason" in between. Because enlisted morale is unimportant: only harsh discipline is important. And the harsher, the better.

When Z retired, we received directive after directive from the Pentagon. They unwound the morale-building changes and reinstated previously-discarded policies. Morale turned negative, recruiting goals weren't met, and the reenlistment rate dropped.

And the admirals in the Pentagon couldn't figure out why.

We used to say that we needed a war to keep the admirals busy and out of our hair...