Thursday, January 31, 2019

Record temperatures

It's being reported that Mount Carroll, IL saw a -38° cold temperature today.  That would be the coldest ever recorded in Illinois.

What's interesting about the temperature databases is that the data are systematically modified.  What are NOT modified are the record temperatures.  I post about this regularly, and since we're looking at a record, it's time to pick at that scab once again:
In fact, with all of this year after year of the HOTTEST YEAR EVER, no state has set a highest temperature record is more than 20 years. In fact, most (39 out of 50) state highest temperature records were set quite long ago - over 50 years ago, sometimes as long ago as 1888 (!). 
Stop and think about that - if the science were as settled as people say, wouldn't there be at least one state that set an all time high record recently? What a strange warming that raises average temperatures but not record high temperatures.
But this crazy Global Warming doesn't seem to prevent record cold temperatures.  What a very, very strange warming.  So once again, let's talk about the adjustments to the climate data:
How much do the adjustments change the results? 
We don't know, but people are starting to look. They're starting to find that adjustments change the data a lot. They change the data so much that they show that the earth is warming when the raw data may show that it's cooling. 
Let me say that again: Thermometers may be showing that the Earth is cooling, but adjustments to this data show a rapid temperature rise.
Man, this climate science sure is complicated.  Good thing that we have all these climate scientists to tell us to pay no attention to those temperature records behind the curtain.  Top Men have spoken.

Top.  Men.



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lee n. field said...

Interesting. I'm 30 miles from Mt. Carroll. It was -32 when I got up today, the absolute coldest I have seen in my life.

There was a long stretch of years when it was rare for it to be below zero here in a winter. I think those times are gone.

McChuck said...

I've been out on patrol in -40 weather. Never, ever want to do that again. And the stupid lieutenant wouldn't let us break out the parkas because he didn't want to have to deal with the paperwork.

It does seem curious that "warming" causes record cold, but not record heat.



Which is why they rebranded it "climate change"... now, IIRC, "climate disruption".

There was a great post on Real Climate Science a few days ago with all sorts of good stuff - like almost every day - but here's a beaut:

It had an image from the Boston Globe, Thursday April 16, 1970


Lodge, speaking at the Institute of Environmental Studies, at the Sheraton Boston, said three factors could prevent these disasters: population control, a less wasteful standard of living, and a major technological breakthrough in the way man consumes the earth's resources.

End quote

So the solution - more government, more control-from-above, reduced lifestyles - is the same for cooling or warming. Which tells me they're not trying to solve a climate problem, but a lack-of-authority-by-Philosopher-King problem.

Ken said...

If one wanted to use an impending Little Ice Age to produce a dieoff, what would one do that is different than what is being attempted now?