Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Americans don't have a lock on the term "Redneck"

Europe has a thriving redneck community.  Sometime last week, the Queen Of The World and I were out where the TV was tuned to the "Sidecarcross" championships.  Think Motocross with sidecars attached.  It's a two man event and what looks to be as close as you can get these days to the chariot race scene from Ben Hur.

The only way this could be cooler was if the wheels had rotating knives attached.

While this sport is done all over the world, it's more popular in Europe and really popular in Eastern Europe - where the world championships are held.  The ones we watched were from Estonia.

American Rednecks, y'all need to up your game.  Maybe Pickuptruckcross with sidecars?


Old NFO said...

And no wrecks... so they can't be rednecks... LOL

Pachydermis2 said...

Back in the Day, Mystery Science Theater lampooned a movie called "Sidehackers" that dealt with just this racing phenomenon. It was of course a lousy movie and combined some mildly interesting footage of side cars and motorcycles with a gratuitously violent plot line.


Hrwolfe said...

Side Hack racing IS worldwide Australia and New Zealand are really big on it. It used to be more popular here but for reasons (?) it declined. I really don't know why you attached it to Red Necks.

Aesop said...

Sorry, that's been done a bit better, IMHO.

The track was round, wooden, indoors, and scoring was done by putting a steel ball into the goal.

IIRC, James Caan and John Houseman were involved, and the director also brought you such classics as The Russians Are Coming!The Russians Are Coming!, In The Heat Of The Night, Fiddler On The Roof, and Moonstruck. He'll be 93 this July.

But this is a noble homage, I'll grant you.