Saturday, January 5, 2019

So they had this guy "buy back" in Missouri

And sumd00d made three crapy guns from scrap metal and sold them to the State.  Then he took the money and bought a real gun.

But sure, the Organs of the State are totes competent to win the War On Drugs.


Glen Filthie said...

Up here in peaceful, polite Canada where we are serious about gun control - unlike you eeeeevil Murkin baby killers - we had a chit house machinist making beautiful MAC-10 machine guns, literally from scrap! The turbaned mounties and canary-legged bull dykes were posing for the photo-op with the captured guns - and they were just magnificently done. I had to do a double take to make sure they were the guns in the crime, not the usual stock photos the journos usually use.

I wish I could have bought one before they busted him, HAR HAR HAR! Dunno what I would DO with it... but it would be cool to have.

SiGraybeard said...

Royal Nonesuch? I'm surprised they didn't have his face on a poster saying,"don't buy anything from this guy".

It's true that most of his welds look like a metal-eating dog threw up on them, but they fire reliably. Unlike my GB-22, a gun specifically designed to sell back at state gun buy backs. I spent about $65 making that thing if you include the plans, so I'd take a $100 Walmart card for that little turd any day. (Mark Serbu who sells the plans says $25, so he must have more scrap lying around than I did).

Aesop said...

Good segue.

Far better to leave the decisions about drugs in the hands of retail pharmaceutical reps with neck tattoos, and their clientele.

No way that will ever bite us in the hindquarters.

When they do drug buybacks, and give $100 for a kilo bag of powdered sugar, give a holler. I like comedy as much as the next guy.

ProudHillbilly said...

They had a guy buy back? Dang. I had a couple I would have sold cheap.

Ed Bonderenka said...

There's a gun guy here in Michigan that goes to Toledo regularly to dump junk for money.

Borepatch said...

ProudHillbilly, LOL. I was going to fix the typo in the post title but it is pretty funny,

Comrade Misfit said...

I don't know.... Making guns with an intent to sell them might torque off the boyos at ATF.

Beans said...

Glen, some of the motorcycle-gang manufactured machine guns (say that three times fast) in Australia are beautiful to behold. Only thing missing on their Mac10, Uzi, M3 Grease Gun or Sten copies are rifled barrels, and who needs rifling for a spray-and-pray gun?

One of the many consequences of Australia's "Common Sense" gun control measures. Illegal gangs make more money using cheap Horrible Fright tools in making guns than they can make manufacturing drugs.

waepnedmann said...

Was that a typo, autocorrect, or Freudian slip?
Kind of like found poetry.