Thursday, January 10, 2019

Will we miss Jerry Brown?

Via Samizdata, I had not known that Jerry Brown was actually the Grown Up in the room (at least for California government).  This makes him sound almost Milton Friedman-esque:
The Democratic constituencies want more money and more laws. I take a different view. We have too many damn laws. The coercive power of the state should be invoked sparingly.
Pay no attention to that High Speed Rail to Nowhere over there.


Windy Wilson said...

Now that he's out of politics and officially an old and irrelevant fart, he gets all strict constructionist on everything.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Speaking as a card-carrying Old and Irrelevant Fart, I object to you including Mr. Moonbeam in this fine organization. He is just a jerk who seems to not know when to quit, and the ignorant voters in Cali still don't seem to see just what fools they are.