Friday, January 25, 2019

We turned into the Soviet Union so slowly that I hardly noticed

I'm so old that I remember that we thought it was the Soviets who had nighttime police raids on political dissenters' houses.

This post is tagged "fascists" because, well, you know.

But "fascist" is not too strong a word.  All fascist governments have paramilitary street thugs to intimidate its opponents.  The lynch mob after the Covington Catholic High School boys is still baying for blood, even when it's the blood of those who weren't even there:
DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — A Douglas County School District teacher has resigned from her role on the teachers union’s board after being placed on paid leave following online comments calling a Covington Catholic school student “Hitler Youth.”

Images of Twitter posts from a now-deleted account, attributed to Mountain Ridge Middle School teacher Michelle Grissom, appeared to be an attempt to doxx, or publicly identify, the high school student from Kentucky seen standing face-to-face with a Native American activist in Washington, D.C. last Friday.


The student identified in the posts attributed to Grissom was not in Washington, D.C. at the time, according to his family, but rather playing a basketball game in Kentucky. Dr. John Jackson told 9NEWS on Tuesday that he is the father of 17-year-old Jay Jackson, who was wrongly identified in the posts.
Ready, fire, aim.  I did not read Pasternak but I condemn him.

Never mind that the Covington kids were set up by not one but two leftie groups.  Never mind that the Covington kids have the right peaceably to assemble.  The mob got their High School shut down because of death threats.

That's the nature of Anarcho-tyranny: it's not stable.  The combination of oppression from the Organs of Government combined with the encouragement of (approved) street thugs is a Devil's brew.  This is not the time to have an Attorney General antagonistic to gun ownership.

I don't see how this doesn't spin out of control.  The Democratic Party has no interest at all in reining in the street muscle, and the Deep State - especially the FBI/NSA/FISA Secret Police - has no interest in backing off the official oppression.  I wish I were more optimistic, but now I'm wondering if maybe this will be the year that people start shooting back.

Remember, the shooting has already started.  So far, it's just been one side.


Old NFO said...

Yep, closer and closer to 'getting' that insurrection they think they want...

McChuck said...

I'm so disappointed that the coming unpleasantness didn't happen when I was younger and more fit. My son is going to have to fight in what I wanted to spare him from.

Ratus said...

I am sanguine on the future of the country.

Both definitions.

ASM826 said...

My father, in his 80s, commented to me, "I always knew this was possible but I never thought it would happen so fast or in my lifetime."

Jester said...

I'm sure many of the commentators or the like here will understand this to be the truth. Social media and the media itself has ate the heart out of thinking. When this stuff went down it was murder the turds that smirked. Okay. But when the corrections even from CNN came out it was not about the corrections it was still about the smirk and not what was done wrong to those kids it was about the past injustices. Never mind this fateful Native American never deployed but was cast as a Nam vet. Never mind that it was a selective cut of vid that was put out there. The Liberals and the media made their choice and then stonewalled it over a Smirk even after the fact.

Unknown said...

It didn't happen suddenly. Maybe y'all too close to the fire to notice. Now listen, I knew it the very day I heard Ronnie label the USSR as the 'evil empire'. I voted for Reagan both times and I would do it again, but friend, those were dark days and the writing was on the wall. So RR lied but he did it the old fashioned way.

Along came Klinton who taught a whole generation to lie in a new way; no longer the bald face lie but the new improved lie, arguing the meaning of words and twisting definitions. Culture unleashed. Society has never been the same.

Bush was and is a buffoon. Yes, I voted for him twice. I felt betrayed.

O'jackass is a flaming effing ffFF ^%#(#*@. Not only has culture skidded sideways but it is become the new normal. The leftist is so far left that they truly are an enemy to all that I know as America. Society has moved so far left that they don't even try to hide it anymore. They be commies in your face. I see 'em as self-identifying targets.

Government has been a crooked game but now all of society has taken up after it. The deviancy just keeps coming. But it won't always be. It is only because so far no one has sacked up to set that powder keg aflame. The culture is so fractured that even a facial expression would condemn to great harm a person and all of those associated with him.

A thing about that last; I know there are some of you who hope to not see the coming carnage, that you may wish to avoid it because you had been through it before. To that I say two things: No you haven't seen it before. You have not see full scale DOMESTIC violence. Second, if you feel that way, get out of the way.


McChuck said...

Nick -
Stalingrad. Sarajevo. Saint Louis (coming soon).

Murphy(AZ) said...

I see the enemies of the nation I grew up in. Either party, there is no difference between the two. This latest foolishness proves that. Both sides have taken both sides in the border security argument, and temporary agreement not withstanding, nothing changed yesterday, nothing will change February 16th after this "agreement" runs its course.

When you make promises to do the impossible, to drain the swamp, you need to understand that you will find no friends in the deep slimy. Both sides have contributed to the foul decay that stains our nation. You can't excise one cancer from the ailing body of government and leave another. All have to be removed, and we need to steel ourselves that the cure isn't going to be easy or pleasant.

Make your plans for the coming unpleasantness, as I feel we can't avoid it now or wish it away. But plan quietly with trusted allies and low profile preparations. This isn't something that can be accomplished with electronic communications, and remember that anonymous cash can accomplish a lot.

Age and health will prevent many of us from joining the shiny point of the spear, but our minds are clear and our hands are still pretty steady, and we know what needs to be done when the time comes.

LSP said...

Agreed. Cleaning weapons and loading mags, not that I'm young enough to do much running around...

And great infographic -- repost.