Tuesday, June 4, 2019

So how's that gun control working out for you, New Zealand?

The Kiwi.Gov, with great fanfare, recently banned semi-automatic firearms.  Some kook shot up a mosque, and so it was decided that all gun owners must pay.  So how many of the now illegal firearms have been handed in to the Kiwi.Police?


The New Zealand Herald goes to great lengths to explain that this is only temporary, for real you guys.  Oooooh kaaaaay.

Pay no attention to the under 5% compliance rate on AR bans in New York and Connecticut.  It's totes different in New Zealand.  I mean, people bought all those guns so that they could have the pleasure of turning them over to Officer Plod.  Srlsy.

Can anyone please explain to me why half the world thinks that Americans are drooling idiots and that they're ever so much more clever than we are?  It sure doesn't look like it from where I sit.


Beans said...

There are videos of NZ Police coming in a very Stasi/Gestapo way to people's houses and questioning them over their guns. It's rather chilling. Reminds me of New York City or Massachusetts.

It is way past the time that this can all be laughed off as simple political frippery.

Aesop said...

Color me shocked.

CA's was 2-3%, IIRC, back after '89. 200-something out of an estimated >100,000.

And then we bullet-buttoned a 3000% increase in the number of such weapons legally possessed. The now number in the millions, just here.

Well done, Ye Minions Of Stupidity.
Ban something else. Let's see how that works out for real.

The "Streisand Effect" should have been known correctly as the "Feinstein Effect".

Ever so glad to hear that Kiwi gun owners aren't total plonkers.

Comrade Misfit said...

Back in the day, Massachusetts had signs at the major roads leading into the Commonwealth warning that handgun possession was illegal.

The sign on I-91 South was routinely shot full of holes. The road crews would replace the sign and within a month or two, the replacement would be shot up.

I should have stopped and taken a picture.

Richard said...

When the Soviet Union broke up, millions of guns came out from under the floorboards. There were even private individuals or groups with attack helicopters and APCs.