Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rasputin sings Beyonce

DeepFake creates fake videos.  Now the 3.0 version makes videos out of a single photograph.  Here's Rasputin getting jiggy:

It's fun, but not convincing.  But that's not really the point:
When the researchers asked 66 people to watch 24 videos – 12 are real, and 12 deepfakes – people could only label them as real or fake correctly about 52 per cent of the time. “This model has shown promising results in generating lifelike videos, which produce facial expressions that reflect the speakers tone. The inability of users to distinguish the synthesized videos from the real ones in the Turing test verifies that the videos produced look natural,” the researchers concluded.
They are getting better.  Whether they will get better enough to be able to fool experts - Joe Off The Street is notoriously bad at detecting stuff like this - remains to be seen.


SiGraybeard said...

The part of the "Deep Fakes" hype that bothers me is that this is unprecedented. It's anything but. It's Photoshop for videos. We have centuries of experience with fakes in everything.

You can't see a photograph of anything or anybody online without someone commenting, "it's been shopped - I can tell by the pixels around their neck" or something like that.

When Photoshop came out, Newsweek lamented people will never be able to trust photographs again, but back when I was a kid, we worked at doing it with the camera itself. It was called "trick photography". People learned to distrust photographs without more details, without a closer look.

Photoshop made people more skeptical of photographs they see. Deep Fakes will extend that so videos aren't just accepted either.

Aaron said...

That they didn't set this up to have the video have him sing Bony M's Rasputin is a tragedy of a missed opportunity.