Thursday, June 20, 2019

Catholic Charities are housing illegal immigrants


Beans said...

The truly unnice thing about this is, well, just like the fed welfare programs, much of CC attention is focused on these invaders, up to and including affording their invasion from their start locations, while poor Catholic families are sucking hind tit and getting cast-offs from food pantries. DAMHIK.

One of the many reasons the Church has left me, not me leaving the Church.

Friggin commie bastiges.

Now, I don't mind international hope, to Catholics in need outside of the USA, as long as they stay outside of the USA or enter the USA legally. Help going to Christians and Catholics in islamic controlled countries, YES. Help to Christians and Catholics in foreign places after natural disasters or un-natural disasters, YES.

Paying their expensive way to these United States with the intent on entering illegally, NO! Sheltering illegals, NO!

McChuck said...

Communists are experts at taking over centrally controlled organizations.