Friday, May 18, 2018

Quote of the Day: Brits and Yanks edition

The Czar of Muscovy ponders a fundamental disconnect between the opposite sides of The Pond:
One of the British princes is getting married to a former American, and thousands of Americans will be glued to the events in rapt fascination; the rest of us won’t remotely understand the appeal of this. Wasn’t despising royalty the whole point of 1776?
Meantime, the United States will feature some gun show which will be attended by a couple hundred British subjects out of thousands of American attendees; the British visitors will love putting their hands on new pistols and rifles, and happily debate the merits of one brand of ammunition over another. The rest of Britain will shake their heads in befuddlement. What’s with the fascination over firearms?
I confess that I do not understand the American fascination with Royalty, but that's just me.  The Queen Of The World, on the other hand, does like the glamor of the Court (although she - and I - finds Miss Markle's anti-Trump rants annoying and un-Royal).


Rev. Paul said...

As a student of history, I enjoy learning about the pomp, circumstance and history of the British monarchy. I wouldn't say I am fascinated by it, and won't watch the wedding tomorrow.

Will said...

Didn't the British toss their King, about 80 years ago, for doing exactly this? What is the difference, if any?

I guess this is just another confirmation of (formerly)Great Britain fading off into irrelevancy. Place has become a joke. Sad.

Dan said...

Speaking of not being remotely interested, this is the first time I heard about Markle's anti-Trump rants...