Thursday, May 24, 2018

It's a beautiful day to dig up some mortar rounds

Tim Woler excavates some World War I munitions.  I can see why construction crews call in the archaeologists before building on what was the Western Front.

Quite a change from Hadrian's Wall, Tim.  I expect that if the Legionnaires on the Rhine Limes in 406 had some of these the whole history of the West might have been different.


Tim Wolter said...

Well it was the next cellar over, so I did not get any closer than to take this picture. Our explosives guy is very good and there was no danger. Surreal though, in a time when we worry about getting splinters from playground equipment....

Tim Wolter

Borepatch said...

Ah, the degraded times in which we live. Hemingway would have looked for a tube to launch them. Or detonated them in a lagoon to "go fishing".