Thursday, May 31, 2018

Around the blogs

OldNFO has been blogging for eleven (!!!) years.  Err, I guess that should be eleventy!!!  Drop by and leave him some commenty goodness.

David, who used to blog at Musings Over a Pint now has new digs at Musings Over a Barrel. Lots of stuff there about shooting.  And beer.  Not sure what more you'd need than that as a recommendation ...

NITZAKHON emails to say that he is blogging over at Red Pill Jew.  Lots there about the Alt-Right which I've only scratched the surface about.  My take is that this is the biggest philosophical shift that we've seen in the Post World War II period.  Love it or hate it, this will be around for a while.

Simon emails to point out that he has a place up over at SimonPeter.  He looks to be another libertarianish techie who posts interesting music now and then.  I guess if you didn't like that sort of thing, you probably wouldn't be here so give him a try.

And Jacob emails to point out a broken link to Trigger Finger in the blogroll here.  Fixed, and many thanks.  Jacob is one of the folks at Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supplies, and it's good to see folks in the business kicking around in our corner of the 'net.  I don't have any relationship with them, but if you're looking for reloading and shooting supplies, you might want to go check them out.


Old NFO said...

Thanks for the bump, BP!


Thank you for the plug as well! (I'll add you to my blogroll tomorrow; I have some spreadsheet work to do. Gag me.)

Tom Lindsay said...

Jacob is a very nice fellow, and Widener's is top notch. I will be posting about them shortly.