Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day - A Brigid Guest Post

It's not a day off from work.
It's looking at history, and what has withstood time and conflict.
It's not meeting friends for a meal and fun.
It's not ice cream and a barbecue.
It's not sitting in your lounge chair.
It's raising your flag, remembering what is important as you look hard at everything.

It's saying "thank you" to those who have served.
It's remembering brave sacrifices.
It's putting your pride in your country out for all to see, not on this weekend, but every day of the year.
It's remembering duty and courage and the willingness to defend. 
It's honoring the memory of all of those brave men and women who gave their lives in the service of this country so you could live, here today, in the safe place they made for us. 

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