Monday, May 7, 2018

American Geophysical Union to EPA: But we want to hide the decline!

They love all the government grant money, but they really, really don't want to release the data with the papers they publish:
Recent reports indicate that EPA is planning to implement new policies that would require the agency to use only scientific data and information that is publicly available when considering science in rule-making. The legislation this policy is based on, the HONEST Act1, has received significant opposition from the scientific community and other organizations because of the potential for this policy to exclude data vital to informed decision-making.
Stop and think about that last bit - "informed decision-makers" have had access to secret "scientific" data that you and I can't see.  These decision-makers presumably have created environmental regulations effecting you and me, but we have no way of telling whether the "scientific" claims are bogus or not.

"Trust us", says that AGU.  After all, we wouldn't try to hide anything from you.  Like a decline.

I created this cartoon almost 9 years ago, but it seems to be as fresh now as it was then.  Sad that professional Climate Science® hasn't gotten one bit more honest even after being repeatedly caught out.
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