Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy 100th Birthday, Richard Feynman

Odd that Google didn't go a thingie for the day.  But not everyone forgot.

He was one of the physicists on the Manhattan Project, and in fact roommates with Spy and traitor Klaus Fuchs there.  Many people have heard of his safe cracking there, but he also liked to tweak the guards - to the point that he got arrested:

He also played bongos.  He was pretty good, actually:

But he saw through bureaucracies, which is why he was the only one that didn't get the wool pulled over his eyes on the Challenger Commission.  I'd love to have his opinion on Climate Science, but sort of think that I do:


drjim said...

I had the pleasure of seeing him speak once. Wonderful guy, and a real no-bullshit Scientist.

libertyman said...

I have read some of his writing, and I am not sure I would go along with his thoughts on a lot of subjects.
Because you are smart in one field , doesn't mean you are smart in other fields.
Interesting guy though.