Saturday, May 26, 2018

Montgomery Gentry - Didn't I?

I usually get a little annoyed at the common feeling that Memorial Day is the start of the Summer barbecue season.  It's no such thing.  It's a holy day, made so by the blood of veterans.  It is a day of reverence, when we should think on their sacrifice and what our society would be like without that sacrifice.

That perhaps makes me a grumpy old fart, I guess.  Don't care.  They earned this day of remembrance, didn't they?


Ruth said...

I work big box retail. Specifically, I work in the Garden/Seasonal Dept for the place with the orange aprons. I hate what this holiday has turned into. Its as bad, if not worse than Christmas, at least partially because its been crammed into a two week period. This year is worse than usual too, the cold spring set everyone (including the commercial greenhouses) behind on their yards and gardens and the scramble to catch up has us even more frustrated than usual at customers.

Richard said...

The worst is making it one of the damn Monday holidays. Memorial Day is May 30.

LindaG said...

Agreed. And Amen.