Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tired of phone scams?

Mr. Garibaldi talks about an app that zaps a lot of these calls.


Phil said...

Thanks a ton for that!
I have been getting hammered by this crap lately and like him, I work nights so these jerks calling me at 8:02 in the morning and hanging up really pisses me off.
I just installed it and have already blocked 14 numbers from my calling history!
Some of them were identified as possible spam right from the get go by the app.
Thanks again, I might finally get some friggin' sleep.

Sevesteen said...

Android phones let you set a do not disturb time. I've got custom ringtones for all my contacts...and my default ringtone is silence. If I don't recognize your number, you can leave a message and try to convince me why I should call back.

Mike said...

I'm very interested in this, as I get way more spam calls than I like, but the fact that it's a free app and has a particularly nasty set of permission requests bothers me. I can understand why they might need most of those permissions, but I suspect they must be monetizing my data somehow to make money. Do you have any info on that?

Rick C said...

I've been getting a bunch of "we can lower your credit card interest rate!" spam calls lately (I don't have a credit card) and I've started answering, then pressing 1 to speak to a person, and just hitting the mute button (or not, as I did while in line at a restaurant at lunchtime today.) They wanna waste my time, I'll waste some of theirs.