Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Huh. It seems that immigrants take jobs from Americans and depress wages

It's almost like there's a law relating supply and demand or something:
There is a strong correlation between immigration—particularly illegal immigration—and wages. This should be obvious to anyone familiar with the fundamental principle of supply and demand: more supply (workers) means lower prices (wages), and vice versa. 
Despite the fact that this correlation between immigration and wages is well-documented, it is not obvious to many liberal economists, who see immigration as an unfettered economic benefit. The evidence suggests otherwise, including new data reported by Fox
According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 56% of America’s developers are reporting labor shortages, which is forcing them to increases wages and improve working conditions to attract new talent. 
In fact, according to Ted Wilson of Residential Strategies Inc. construction costs have risen by 30% this year—the majority of which is due to higher wages and increased overtime pay. That is, companies are being forced to hire American workers, and pay wages at fair market value. 
Because President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration is preventing them from hiring illegal aliens, who undercut the labor market, shortchanging American workers. The impact of this (while often ignored) is significant.
Weird.  I've just heard that these are jobs Americans won't do.


Jehu said...

Watch 'Dirty Jobs' sometime. You'll notice almost all of the guys on those jobs are white guys. There really aren't any meaningful jobs that Americans won't do if you pay the market rate for them, properly compensating for dirty, dangerous, and/or drudgery.

matism said...

There is indeed at least ONE job that REAL Americans simply will not do, Jehu, no matter HOW MUCH you pay them. Just ask Huma how many people are willing do what she does, operating that 10-foot vibrating pole for Cankles!

Glen Filthie said...

What in hell is going on down there?!?!? Every liberal rag sheet media slob up here in Canada is losing his mind over Trump throwing DACA in the garbage can! AWESOME! I'm thinking of organizing a surgical assault team to capture Trump - and put him in charge of my country instead of the liberal fwench whoreson who has the job now!!! :)

It used to be that a man could make a living (a small one, to be sure - but still a living) as a janitor or driving a cab. It used to be that people using cabs could expect a clean cut, courteous driver too. Today every second cab is driven by some sullen vibrant with BO and an attitude, and can't be trusted to charge an honest fare.

Immigration has been hurting us all for a long, long time.