Monday, September 18, 2017

Road Rage, shotguns, and Go-Pro

Note to Oklahoma Good Ol' Boys (of the bad persuasion): if you let your road rage lead to bushwacking bikers using a shotgun, they may have a Go Pro and post it to YouTube.


Goober said...

Inbreeding is a terrible thing.

Bunch of cousin-$!#%ers.

matism said...

Quite frankly, those "inbreeders" are FAR better than the biker swill. But the bike punks are probably pigs' brats, so the rules are different for them.

Will said...

I'm surprised there were only two Go-Pro cameras on all those bikes.

I'm reasonably certain that if a group of sportbikers I used to ride with had run into an armed roadblock with shots fired like that, some of those truck people would have ended up in body bags. That roadblock was dumb dumb dumb. Holy shit was that stupid!

matism said...

If your sportbiker buddies had been swill like those bastards, Will, they would have deserved to be shot. The "Holy shit was that stupid!" belongs on the bikers. Just like those bastards up in the Big Craphole a few years ago who assaulted that family in the minivan. God damn these filthy maggots to hell where they belong.

Goober said...

What did the bikers do wrong again, matism? I must've missed it.

matism said...

Roaring up alongside the pickup truck into the opposing lane of traffic and then NOT passing. When the pickup was clearly maintaining its speed and doing NOTHING to impede the rider from passing. That two-lane road is clearly bi-drectional - traffic going BOTH ways. God damn those bikers to hell where they belong.

Will said...


what's with the hatred of bike riders? I generally try not to label people in a pejorative manner by their mode of transport like you do. That sort of emotion just gets in the way of seeing the facts of a situation.

If you bothered to read about this, you would know that the pickup driver started the problem by driving very poorly, and the lead biker picked a better section of road to remonstrate with him. (Frankly, I gave up on that long ago, as i discovered that the vast majority of lousy drivers react badly to this being brought to their attention. Ego and such gets in the way. That, plus the Adrenalin of a close call gets in the way of conversation a bit.)
Although I haven't seen it, and haven't watched all that was posted, there is supposed to be video of that action.

"Just like those bastards up in the Big Craphole a few years ago who assaulted that family in the minivan."

If you are referring to the NYC incident with an SUV and a very large group of motorcycles, again, you have ignored the start of the incident. I'm a little vague on the details at this point, and I didn't bother following the end results of the legal battles, but the SUV DELIBERATELY REAR-ENDED at least one bike, with I think two people in the ICU as a result. I think one was crippled. THAT is why they followed the SUV until traffic forced it to stop, and then removed the driver. By the way, several of those riders turned out to be cops.

Again, there was lots of video cameras on those bikes, and that ramming action was uploaded to the web.

Why are you blowing up without gathering pertinent data? Acting under false pretenses makes one look childish, at a minimum.

matism said...

I have NO problem with bikers that generally follow the rules of the road. We have at least two major bike events in Central Florida each year - Biketoberfest in October, and Bike Week in February or March. We get THOUSANDS of bikers down here for each event, and some of them are a bit unruly. But NONE of them act out like this swill, nor like the maggots in the Big Craphole. Their fellow bikers will not tolerate that. Pulling wheelies on public streets, roaring up behind other drivers and slamming on their brakes at the last second, and all the other shit that you and your God damned sportbiker buddies love to do. God damn you and your group to hell where you belong. Come on down to Central Florida and I'll be glad to use you and them for speed bumps. And then back over you maggots to make sure.

And your God damned lie about the Big Craphole incident shows exactly what you are. The minivan hit that bike when it had no way to get out of the shithole that the bikers were making.

God damn you to hell, Will. God damn you to fucking hell. And God damn your whole gang with you.

Rick C said...

"Oklahoma court records show that Wiseley’s rap sheet includes convictions for drunk driving, public intoxication, driving without a license, violating a protective order, breach of peace, malicious injury, and assault and battery on a police officer. He was sentenced to five years in state prison on the battery charge, but served 15 months in custody, according to Oklahoma Department of Corrections records.
Wiseley has also been the defendant in numerous court actions seeking orders of protection against him. The filings--made in five separate Oklahoma counties--have resulted in the issuance of multiple emergency orders of protection. The plaintiffs in these actions include 12 separate women. "

Yeah, Matism, you really backed a winner here.