Wednesday, September 13, 2017

More about protecting yourself after the Equifax data breach

Brian Krebs has a detailed and informative FAQ on credit freezes.  Highly recommended.

He also has a good overview on the Equifax situation here.


aczarnowski said...

And both Equifax's and Experian's online security freeze forms don't work. Bastards.

LindaG said...

Some of that I read before.
The biggest problem I have found is (for me) it is nearly impossible to figure out how to freeze my credit.

Divemedic said...

What annoys me most is that I have to pay money for credit monitoring and credit freezes. Why? You are telling me that I have to pay you money because the records that you generate and maintain about me are inaccurate and insecure, and I have to pay you extra in order to correct and/or secure them? How is this not a protection racket?

Why can't we simply sue them when there is an inaccuracy? You can but thanks to modern day cronyism, all you can sue them for is $1,000. That doesn't even cover your legal fees for the first week.

Windy Wilson said...

$1,000? Sounds like small claims court to me. So, what if everyclient/ customer/ victim sued in small claims for breach of duty of care? They would pray for a class action lawsuit to save the from thousands of small claims appearances all across the country.