Thursday, April 24, 2014

Republican Establishment fears Republican voters, not Democratic ones

Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal signs gun liberalization law:
Gov. Nathan Deal signed legislation today that would vastly expand where Georgians can legally carry firearms, a proposal that has drawn heaps of praise and scorn from outside groups.

“People who follow the rules can protect themselves and their families from people who don’t follow the rules,” said Deal, adding: “The Second Amendment should never be an afterthought. It should reside at the forefronts of our minds.”
"Outside groups" are calling this the "Guns Everywhere" bill.  Neal Boortz had a good line on the radio, saying that this bill "lets a permitted citizen carry a concealed firearm anywhere a non-permitted thug or gang banger carries a concealed firearm today."

I must confess that I didn't think that Hiz Honor would sign the bill.  So the Governor thinks his reelection chances are improved by throwing Moms Demand Action under the bus.  This is an interesting data point into what the Establishment thinks that 2014 is shaping up to be.

Markadelphia hardest hit.

Interestingly, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker seems not to fear the Republican voters:
Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker passed three new laws, addressing domestic violence. The laws include a mandate that police track the incidents where no arrests are made when dealing with a domestic-disturbance call.
The laws also make it very clear that there will be a process for seizing an “abuser’s” guns.


This is one more big step toward trying to make sure that for every gun you take away, it’s that much better for (a victim, their) family and friends and loved ones who care about that person,” Walker said.
 Because we can trust that this wouldn't ever be politicized to seize people's guns.


OMMAG said...

Wake up America! This already happened in Canada ... and every last statute that has been given to police under the quise of "protecting women/children/victims" has bee abused ad continues to be abused.

Check out High River Gun Grab for a fine example.

Richard Blaine said...

We're awake, we just fall into three camps

- This is bad, very bad.
- Yeah! Another nail in the coffin of the gun industry
- I'm sorry you said it was Thursday?

There was a time when if you asked which was the bigger problem? Ignorance or Apathy. You might get - Don't Know, Don't Care.

Now you mostly get Huh? Whadda ya mean?

It's hard to call it apathy when they don't even know what state they live in.

Graybeard said...

There are still guys who think the Tea Party is a Republican thing. There's a word for these people: democrats and mainstream media. But I repeat myself.

The republican power structure is fully aware that the Tea Party is coming after them first and has vowed to destroy every Tea Party candidate.

If it gets them to pass good gun laws, it's a good thing.