Monday, April 14, 2014

I could go with a little relaxation

Never much for fishing, but this is fairly persuasive ...

Shamelessly stolen from Wirecutter.


Goober said...

To be perfectly honest, I tell people that say they've "never been much for fishing" the same thing that i tell people who "don't like guns."

You're doing it wrong.

Done properly, fishing should be exciting as hell. Not boring. Certainly not relaxing in the traditional, "sit in a lawn chair and drown a worm while drinking beer" sense of the term, anyway.

When I get it right, I go home and my shoulders are sore from fighting the fish. I'm tired fromt he excitement.

Be it a 30 pound king salmon or a 400 pound white sturgeon (not a typo), if you're not into fishing, it's because you're doing it wrong.

I'm headed out to the coast over memorial day to see if I can't get into some halibut on Hein Bank in the straight of Juan de Fuca.

I'll end up catching sharks and skates and all manner of strange things - none of them an ounce under 50 pounds, and in the case of the skates, some pushing several hundred pounds. All working to see if I can bring up a halibut that could be 400 pounds or more if I'm lucky. Hopefully the weather is good - the seas there can hit 15 feet or more pretty easily if the wind picks up.

Worms and bobbers for bluegill, this is not.

AnarchAngel said...

If you haven't read his book (Nick Offerman that is, buy and read it right now. It's available in dead tree, e-book, and audio book format (read by the author).

It's hilarious, interesting, and present pretty solid philosophy.

Robert Fowler said...

With warm weather getting here, the urge to fish is getting stronger by the day. I need to get the grandsons up here so we can go.