Sunday, April 13, 2014

I love and hate Costco

The prices are great (if you're careful), but man it's crowded on a Sunday afternoon.


WoFat said...

Don't go on Sunday afternoon. Works for me.

George said...

And they are anti-gun.

drjim said...

We just got back from Costco.

I make it a point to not go on Sunday afternoons, BUT, the wife wanted to go, so we went.

Always crowded, and 90% of the people pushing their carts down the aisles appear brain-dead, not watching where they're going, stopping in the middle of aisle, or pushing their cart along like a drunk driver would.

I'd much rather go in the middle of the week, in the early afternoon. Instead of wasting an hour there, I'm in and out in 20 minutes.

Rev. Paul said...

We like certain things from Costco, but have learned to go before a certain hour. After that, it's Reaver time.

drjim said...


"Reaver Time"....I love it!

Cap'n Jan said...

Unlike most, I dislike Costco. Yet, I belong, but only to get that great deal on hearing aids. Zowie!

They make me feel like a felon on the way out with their door checkers. They also make me produce 'other forms of id' when I use 'their' AmEx card at the register. (I don't have a pic on mine because their machine is always broken and there is a 10 person line at customer service.)

The lines are long and everyone smells of carrot juice and looks anaemic and vaguely zombie-like...

I prefer my 'aromatherapy' in the form of burned powder. When they open the Costco firing range, or start selling AR-15's I'll consider going back.

"Reaver Time' indeed.


Lawrence Person said...

Do they not have Sam's in your neck of the woods?