Sunday, April 27, 2014

Deputy shoots man's dog. Deputy gets fired.

But none of the news organizations will print the Deputy's name:
A Rains County, TX sheriff's deputy accused of shooting and killing a farmer's dog for no reason has been fired, officials with the county sheriff's office confirmed Thursday.

The deputy argued that the dog, Candy, threatened his safety.

Candy’s owner, Cole Middleton, is a third generation dairy farmer. After Candy died, Middleton began a campaign on Facebook that is getting national attention and said she was killed for no good reason.
You know, I expect that if I shot sumd00d's dog like that, they'd print my name.  Ah, but the Deputy had been sprinkled with magic Government dust, and so was one of the Only Ones who can't be named.  Because you wouldn't want the poor dear to not be able to get another Po-Po job where he can shoot up some more pets, right?

Via Claire.


Robert Fowler said...

Sheriff's Deputy Jarrod Dooley

He was crying about shooting the dog. More like he was crying because he got fired for being stupid. Especially since the necropsy showed the dog was shot in the back of the head. The best thing he could do is change his name and move out of Texas.

Borepatch said...

Thanks, Robert. Change his name is damn right.

armedlaughing said...

Bastards both!

(and taking this for further exposure!)


Aretae said...

THat's a big ol' rabbithole your standing next to Borepatch. "Gummint agents ain't got no special rights" is really close to what those scary anarchist types believe.

Goober said...

It's also true when it comes to government agents committing crimes Aretae. Qualified immunity doesn't extend to willful commission of criminal acts. It hardly makes one an anarchist to point that out...

...yet, the point being made by your satirical comment is becoming more and more true. Blind acceptance of, abd allegiance to every action of our "boys in blue" no matter how vile, seems to be a prerequisite to not being branded an anarchist in some circles.