Monday, April 7, 2014

Quote of the Day - Cretacious edition

Chris Lynch finds cool stuff.  Like this:
- 10 Pterosaur facts. First off don't call a pterosaur a dinosaur. Second off my spell check wants to change "pterosaur" to "stegosaurus". Poor pterosaur gets no respect.
Plus things Disney characters could do that would be creepy if you did, and wicked funny stuff.  I'd love it if he dialed in to Squirrel Report just so that he and Weer'd could discuss the proper pronunciation of "Worcester" ...


Weetabix said...

Fact 11: You can't hear a pterosaur go to the bathroom because the "p" is silent.

Bah dum pum! Please, tip your waitress!

jon spencer said...

Those things almost look like those flying animals from the movie Pitch Black.

Rick C said...

What? You pronounce "Worcester" as "whuhstah." And "Wooster" is "whoostah", as in "whoo-hoo."

I lived in MA for almost 30 years and I didn't really realize Wooster existed until I called 411 to find my sister's phone number and I had a brief-but-enterntaining conversation with the operator about whether I wanted a listing in Woostah or Whuhstah.