Thursday, April 17, 2014

A third of a Century of "Climate Change is going to kill us!"

I'm totally cereal.  But this time it's actually going to happen!


Chris said...

Irony is dead. Parody is seriously ill. (How can the writers at The Onion keep it up? They are awesome.)

The issue is that the power structure (polite name for ruling class) has not emotionally reconciled itself with the memory machine (what we call the Internet). Before, they could make outrageous and contradictory assertions and flatly deny having said both of them if questioned. I remember those days, and still have some of the newspaper clippings I used to reference when they tried that crap back then.

But, like the generals in The War of Northern Aggression and The Great War, they do not truly understand how the paradigm has so radically changed, and continue to spend tens of billions of tax dollars (as the generals sent hundreds of thousands of men) to no purpose other than self-aggrandizement.

This whole climate change (hot or cold) gig is a bigger theft than the banksters pulled off with the housing bubble and toxic hedge funds. If our corporatist government (which has enabled both those scams, and many more) didn't keep getting re-elected by low-information voters, we would all be far better off, and not just financially.

I can dream, can't I?

Old NFO said...

Good one BP! And when in doubt, follow the money...

WoFat said...

"Climate Change"' helps half of the nay sayers - 50 percent for Global Warming and fifty percent for Global Cooling - be right at any given time.

Goober said...

The problem here is that 1962 was 52 years ago. To most people who don’t understand time frames on the scale of that of Planet Earth, 52 years is a very long time.

To them, science has changed so drastically in those 52 years that back in ’62 we were a bunch of superstitious fire-walkers who didn’t know much of anything.

To them, 52 years is long enough for mankind to have had a remarkable, profound impact on the eons and eras old climate of the planet.

The entire global warming industry is built around such profound ignorance that I fear we’ll never be able to convince anyone, and are doomed to wait until the climate starts to cool again and listen to the hand-wringing and pearl clutching going on over that.