Monday, January 7, 2013

Observe the power of this fully operational Gun Control

Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein or some Democrat
One of the benefits of the Romney loss last November is that the Usual Suspects™ are coming out of the woodwork.  We don't have to smoke them out, they're smoking themselves out.

Let's confiscate people's guns.

No, srlsy - let's confiscate people's guns.

It's only racist to make things expensive for poor minorities when it's not gun control.

Laws for thee, but not for me.

Thank you Mitt Romney.  You (aided and abetted by your GOP establishment buddies) lost a "can't lose" election.  That made your opponents think that they could do anything - get anything past the American People, even if it's wildly unpopular.  Either they'll lose - and show that their "Mandate" is a Potemkin Mandate - or they'll win and set up a huge Democrat loss in 2014.

My hat is off to your depth of subtlety and insight.  Fiendishly subtle.

Of course, the Stupid Party isn't called that for nothing, and so likely didn't plan any of this; rather, they got suckered in by the Democrats.  The rats are only the physical manifestation into our dimension of the pan-dimensional super beings behind it all.  Err, at least if you watch Meet The Press.

But the Rats have made a mistake, in that the flaw in their 1994 Death Star (an exposed exhaust tube allowing a photon torpedo to destroy the Warp Core of their Congressional Majority) has been made worse in their new 2013 Death Star.  Captain Biden doesn't seem to realize that the exhaust tube is now large enough to fly an inter-stellar space ship into.

And so we shall see just how crazed the Democrat's victory has made them.  It is likely that saner heads will prevail before they gear the Republic up for another huge Democrat Repudiation in the next election, but damage has already been done.  People won't forget the talk about confiscation.  Democratic politicians will have to publicly explain that it don't mean no nevermind to their skeptical constituents.

All is unfolding as I have foreseen.


wolfwalker said...

There is a rumor afoot this morning -- repeat, a RUMOR -- that if Congress does not enact new gun control quickly, then Barry Lackwit will do it himself by issuing an executive order that redefines semiautomatic weapons as Title II firearms -- which would make them subject to the same rigid regulations as actual machine guns.

The ultimate source of this rumor seems to be somebody named John Snyder, via his blog "Gun Rights Policies" ( I know nothing about him or his blog. Does anyone know if he's a rational individual, a wild-eyed nut, or something in between?

Old NFO said...

I think Snyder is right... Just sayin...

Peter said...

Hey, Borepatch, check your e-mail.

Joel said...

Wait, wait. I seem to recall that back in the foggy mists of antediluvian time - the number 2010 comes to mind - there was one of those huge Democrat Repudiations of which you speak.

Whatever became of that? Are we still enjoying the glory of its blessings? Or does it really not matter much which bunch of well-dressed statists tries to rule us?

wolfwalker said...

"Whatever became of that?"

Think "the Fifth Army at Anzio."

Borepatch said...

Joel, no one battle will change this, it's a campaign.

Six said...

Haven't you heard BP? The Tea Party is dead. Or branded as a terrorist organization. Or something. I know Chris Matthews doesn't like us so obviously we're no longer germane to the discussion.

Sadly, the Rs may now actually believe that. The 2014 elections should be way fun.