Sunday, January 6, 2013

José de Nebra - Various Arias

Remember those days when you were in school and the teacher just showed a film strip?  Remember how you just knew that it wasn't because there was such amazing stuff to see on the film strip, but because the teacher was lazy?  Today's post nothing like that.

At all.

José de Nebra is called the "Father of Spanish Opera" because he, well, was the first major Spanish operatic composer.  He's not well known these days, which is a shame for reasons that will be clear once you've watched this neat filmstrip.  Srlsy.

And for original content, let me hasten to add that he was born on this day in 1702.  There - I clearly slaved over this post for hours and hours.  Srlsy.

Class dismissed.  ;-)


Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Thanks Borepatch - learned something new and enjoyable today - and I didn't fall asleep during the 'film'!

libertyman said...

Film strip days are fine here. Maria Bayp and de Nebra are both new to me. Interesting to see the lute prominently featured as well.

I am interested to learn more about the conductor's role. That chap is very animated, though no one seems to pay him much attention.

Old NFO said...

Little too high pitched for me to actually enjoy it, but the information was interesting...

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Yeah! I totally experienced that during my childhood years. But thanks for sharing this Film strip, it's very informative.