Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dogs and cats, living together

This makes me smile.  This one, too.


Joel said...

My tabby adopted my new black puppy when I brought him home in early '09. She used to clean his head thoroughly, punish him when he was too rough, endure his slobbering (he could fit her entire head in his mouth, and did - and she let him) and she fed him rabbits.

No, seriously. She killed rabbits, brought them inside (destroying two cat doors in the process) and presented them to him rather tenderly. And of course he ate them.

Now she's got some nervous system problem and her hind end doesn't work well. He seems to know it: They don't roughhouse anymore. But she still snuggles with him and washes some part of his head every evening. I'm not sure how he'll take it when she's gone.

orbitup said...

Nothing compared to Joel's story but I have a lab, Catahoula, and a calico cat that all sleep in the same doghouse when it's cold.

Old NFO said...

Cute ones, thanks! :-)