Friday, January 4, 2013

Charles Stuart Rex, where are you when we need you?

On this day in 1642, Charles I by grace of God King of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, etc. sent soldiers to arrest members various of the House of Commons.

A New World waits expectantly to be rid of their miserable political class.  Also on this day in 1847, Samuel Colt sold his first revolver to the U.S. Government.  Col. Colt, the Republic waits expectantly to be rid of their miserable political class.*

And on this day in 1965, President Johnson gave his State of the Union address in which he unveiled the Great Society program which was to cast more Americans into poverty and despair than any other President ever imagined in his wildest dreams.  Douglas Watts was big hat, no cattle.

* Good thing I no longer live in Massachusetts, or the Authorities might come and seize my firearms for the impertinence of exercising my First Amendment rights.


Old NFO said...

All true, and they ARE out to get our miserable asses...

Anonymous said...

Er it didn't end too well for Charles I they chopped his head Orf. The puritans in the commons were the ones who were fighting for freedom from tyranny. Not that it ended well as they ended up making Oliver Cromwell a bigger more miserable tyrant in his place but their hearts were in the right place. The origins of the American revolution can be seen to have started with that conflict.