Monday, January 7, 2013

Anti-gun propaganda is like Soviet Anti-Capitalist propaganda

Entirely unconvincing.  The Soviets were famous for their unsophisticated (indeed, ham fisted) propaganda, like this:

This is from the 1960s.  By the 1980s the Soviets had gotten more desperate, and more clueless.  They aired "Dallas" to show the decadence of the United States.  Viewers behind the Iron Curtain didn't care about the decadence, they thought that all the big houses, flashy cars, and other parts of the Western World were pretty dang cool.

The Soviet propaganda organs didn't understand just how incompetent they were, until it all collapsed.  I see this same thing in the Media's relentless anti-gun agenda.  For the same reason.

The Soviet Propaganda organs hired not for talent but for political reliability.  The Media today mirrors this.  What that means is that you have clueless, untalented people making the propaganda that you just saw here, and that you see every day on the nightly news.*

And the people here aren't buying it, any more than the Soviet people were buying it when Dallas aired.  As a matter of fact, some people look at today's ignorant anti-gun screeds and think "You know, I need to get a gun" (thus, the spike in concealed carry permit applications and the panic buying of guns and ammunition).  Polls about gun control aren't showing any increase in support for the idea, even after a kindergarten was shot up.  The quite crude level of propaganda is no doubt part of that.  It is entirely unconvincing.

So well done MSM!  If you were less obvious (and had more talent) I'd be a lot more worried.

* Yeah, I know that nobody watches that any more.  Work with me here.


Old NFO said...

Good point...

RabidAlien said...

One can hope and pray that they implode like that. And while hoping and praying....pass that ammo. This mag isn't full yet.

knottedprop said...

It doesn't matter you live in a post rule of law society where the rich and powerful make the law what they say it is.
When they comes for your guns one house at a time you will give them up like good sheep because they will set up some poor sap to be and example. They will die like at Ruby Ridge with a snipers bullet and the majority will buckle.
You all have too much to lose, when you don't it will be too late.
You are not the same people some of your ancestors were anymore you've gotten soft and flabby.

Anonymous said...

knottedprop, Don't bet the farm on that.


sth_txs said...

Newsweek had to end operations. Once can only hope Time and other lefty TV and newspapers will be next.

burt said...

It's pretty easy for an urban/suburban blue-state office-working commuter to talk about going the need to go door-to-door and collect guns. That's the primary demographic of the anti-gun crowd: the "educated elite" who lacks the simplest skills (family farming? carpentry? welding? auto repair? electrical?) necessary to survive on their own. I wonder how many "community organizers" even know how to change the oil in their own cars?

Now, let's back off a minute and think about the huge swath of rural/backwoods areas in this country, mostly populated by red-state gun owners. Like the Tennessee backwoods. Or Kentucky hills. Or Montana ranch land. Many of those folks have the skills necessary to survive in harsh and unforgiving environments, the kind of lifestyles that would leave the urban city-dweller in full fetal "surrender mode".

Those backwoods-types own guns. And they have the will - and the wherewithal - to hide their arms from even the most rigid search... that is, if you were even able to send sufficient BATF agents to every home, every farm, every wooded area in every county in every state in the US to conduct a house-to-house search.


Forcible confiscation? I don't think so. Voluntary confiscation? Well, they gave that gun to a friend who moved away years ago. Got a search warrant... and the will to enforce it?

It's possible that some restrictions may pass (10-round magazines, etc). Beyond that? Nothing: enforcement is impossible.

Shrimp said...

I almost agree with Burt, except on one little point. Enforcement would be possible, but it would likely as not happen some time in the future, not immediately. And there is a big reason for that delay.

Ask any gun-owning newbie or any average non-gun-owner if machine guns are illegal, and what they'd do if they knew or believed their neighbor had one.

Most non-gun-owning people wouldn't come up with the correct answer that machine guns are perfectly legal, provided that the person lives in a state that hasn't outlawed them, and provided that the person has registered the weapon with the BATFEces. They'd instead say....those are illegal. And then they'd say...I'd probably turn him in. (BTW, I tried this at a party with some of my friends once, and literally no one at the party said that full auto guns were legal, even though they are in my state. None of them at the time were gun owners. And of the four women present, all four said they would turn in a neighbor if they knew he had one. The guys were split, mostly leaning towards wanting to shoot the gun.)

My point is that with the legislation in place, even if it is not enforced for many years, people will begin to identify those items as "illegal" even if they are not. They will identify someone who has those items as criminals, even if they are not.

Some people will turn in their neighbors; that's a fact.

And the goal is to get to your kids, not to you. You will die of old age, and your kids and grand-kids will grow up indoctrinated, hearing that guns are illegal. Even if they don't believe it, their neighbors will. Refer back to the above fact.

The media, who we know is not on our side, will try every gun owner in the court of public opinion, doing their level best to destroy their reputations. Every one that succeeds in fighting back will be a Zimmerman, or worse, they will called domestic terrorists and compared to folks like Rudolph or Koresh and the like. They'll be accused of having things like child porn on their computers, and later that charge can be ignored or retracted or attributed to a misunderstanding. The idea is, of course, to make people want to turn in these 'sick and evil' gun owners, and give them little to no chance of ever having a fair trial, should it ever actually make it to trial.

Gun control and confiscation isn't going to happen in one large swoop, but many, many steps. Much like the frog in the pot of water that is slowly boiled, we'd better recognize the point at which it's too late to jump.