Monday, June 28, 2010

Thoughts on Sen. Byrd

Sen. Byrd has passed on, at the end of a long life. Many people are discussing his racist early years (into at least his fifties). Their dislike is clear, and is similar to my own.

And yet, this is a time to ponder the weighting of justice and mercy. The Volgi wrote some time ago of this, on the occasion of Sen. Kennedy's passing:
I’d instead ask for God’s mercy upon his soul, for if we ask only for justice, we may receive only justice, and even a saint would flinch at that.
Rest in peace, Senator, and may the grace of the Lord shine on even you.


Scott McCray said...

Amen, Borepatch. Even on him.

bluesun said...

It's hard, sometimes, but now we have no choice but to accept it. Amen.

Eagle said...

De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

RIP, Senator Byrd.

Roger said...

He will need all the grace and light he can get down there when he meets up with Teddy the swimmer.