Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I no longer listen to NPR

I used to listen to `em every day, standard commute car fare. Got sick of `em back in 2003 (biased, unreliable, blah blah blah).

Left work late today, no game on, hey why not tune in and see if it's worth a listen?

NPR: "Is invading Iran going to be George W Bush's last act as president?"

Look, I can see how someone might want to go hating on ol' W. But can we at least get the hating up to at-least-able-to-fog-a-mirror level of intelligence? As Jeff Foxworthy would ask: Is NPR as smart as a Fifth Grader?

Not so much. Let me explain it to you. [Uses quiet, patient voice you use when talking to particularly slow children]

What happened in 2001, after the Taliban let Osama sucker punch us? 60 days of lead up, public appearances, TV addresses, dozens of administration officials talking smack.

What happened in 2003? A year of buildup, speeches, State of the Union address, Congressional vote.

What's happening now? Hello? Bueller?

Look, ain't saying that old W won't go all Medieval on Iran's butt. Just not ready to stock up on toilet paper and bottled water yet.

So NPR? You think you're smarter than the rest of us. Show me, mkay?

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ASM826 said...

I still push tune in occasionally. I don't usually last very long. I have a standing rule. If they say "climate change" or global warming" I immediately hit the oldies rock station.