Thursday, July 24, 2008

Regarding Self Defense

Random Acts of Patriotism has a heartbreaking must read post about self defense. If you liked Lissa's post this week (and if you didn't, then you're no damn good) go read.
By all accounts Dr. Petit is a fine man, he had a loving, accomplished wife and two beautiful daughters. When evil came through the door at 3 AM, he was unprepared to defend them, and they were unprepared to assist in their own defense. Two small time criminals, men who if they had been stopped by Dr. Petit, would have only been suspected of burglary, overwhelmed him, and then proceeded to commit an atrocity.
Animals. Hanging is too good for them, but it's Connecticut, so the taxpayers there will have foot the bill for incarceration. At least it isn't Massachusetts: they'd get let out early.

Breda sums it up:
Teach the women you love how to shoot. Today.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely heart wrenching. And it makes my blood boil to think that the media can be so two-faced as to cover stories like the Petit's and gun-crime attrocities with avengance, and yet rarely do we read news reports about how people have use guns to successfully defend themselves and loved ones.