Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Four Rules

The always hilarious Tam writes about an uber-leet french live fire demonstration gone wrong, with spectator casualties:
The world got an awful reminder on the last weekend in June, when a team of elite French para marines turned a public demonstration of a hostage rescue into a "How Many Of The Four Rules Can You Break At Once?" competition, Team Category.
Here at Chez Borepatch, we try to take a more, well, restrained approach to our violations of the four rules. Offered for your consideration is Exhibit 1, the porch:

Not shown: Finished floor (hadn't done sanding/sealing when I took the pic), painted trim (ditto), and spider-web shattered plate glass window.

Offered for your consideration as Exhibit 2, transcripts from secret Gitmo water-boarding of #2 son. Cliff's Notes version: he sang like a canary:
George W Bush: What happened to the window?

#2 Son: I don't know!

GWB: But you were out in the yard with your friends, playing with BB guns.

#2 Son: I got nothing for you, kuffar!

GWB (readying waterboard): So, do I have to call your friend's parents?

#2 Son: We missed the target! We didn't mean to! We didn't know that the target was in front of the window!

GWB: So which of the four rules did you violate?

#2 Son: Um, number 2?

GWB: And?

#2 Son, thinking quickly: Three, no four! Number 4! Be sure of your target and what's behind it! I'll go move the target to the tree house.
So, Tam's right. You need to violate 2 of the four rules to put holes in something you don't want perforated.

Oh, and BB guns won't break glass. They were shooting one of these. Oh, bother. $700 worth of oh, bother.

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