Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4, small town America

Even though this is the People's Republic of Massachusetts, the little town we live in has quite the parade each July 4. Even though the weather was a little disappointing, this year was no exception.

The day started Chez Borepatch with my greasy breakfast, this time with Patriotic Pancakes!

People get into the spirit of the day:

There's quite the turn-out:

Then the parade starts. Can't have a small town parade without vehicles ...

Jeeps, baby!

And who cares that gas is $4 a gallon?

The militia turned out. These guys are probably breaking the law in New Jersey. Hey, New Jersey! When I lived in Georgia, no matter how backwards, ignorant, and rednecky things got, folks would always say "Thank God for Alabama." Well, now I'm in Massachusetts. Thank God for New Jersey!

Heck yeah, those things work!

The veterans turned out. Thanks, guys! Yeah, that's a Navy Captain. Why do you ask?

Marching bands, too. The Republican party turned out with several bands. Nothing from the Democrats. Note to Democrats - don't take us for granted! Next year I expect a battle of the bands!

It's summertime. Ripe blackberries right along the road. Just be careful of the poison ivy right along the road ...

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