Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blogging: The third week

Boy, howdy. Tam linked, and the hit counter started spinning. Got as many visits yesterday as I had before yesterday. Whoo hoo!

Note to self: you still have to get your work done when you're at work, and not pester people with "I've gotten over 100 200 hits! Yes it's fun to watch the hit counter spin 'til it's dizzy, but you sound like a n00b.

Plus, Jay G linked, about the New England Gunblogger ("Meet, Greet, and Skeet") event. This should be a great time, although I still think that Weerd Beard will kick sand in my face.


17 posts, down a lot from last week (48!). That's what happens when (a) you work for a living and (b) have to visit the range for an exhaustively researched range report. Thanks, guys!

1 more comment. Keep those cards and letters coming.

451 total visits, 292 this week. Still may be suffering a hangover from yesterday's Tam-alanche, but looking at 40 visits so far today.

Visitors from 7 countries, plus "Unknown". The snarky thought is that "Unknown" is from liberals who are embarassed at being American.

And I'm finally starting to kick Technorati's butt: #2,590,938. Whoo hoo! Almost as much fun as watching sitemeter spin!

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