Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm not doing this right

As an update to yesterday's range report on the Winchester 1894, my shoulder has a bruise as large as the grouping shown in target #2. No wonder I had that dang flinch in the last group.

And no, I'm not posting a picture, but thanks for asking.

Teddy Roosevelt has been dead for these 90 years, and he's still going to kick sand in my face. He shot .45-90 in his beloved Winchester, not wimpy .30-.30.

Oh bother.

Postscript: There's some good reading from Teddy available. Barnes and Noble has republished The Wilderness Hunter (originally published in 1905), about T.R.'s ranch days. It gives many examples of his "enthusiastic but adequate" shooting. The Gutenberg Project has a selection of free T.R. e-book or text entries, from "Hunting the Grisly" to "The Right of the People to Rule". We don't see men of his caliber any more. Sigh.

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