Friday, July 18, 2008

Firearms and computer security

These are two of my favorite things, and it's not often that I can indulge both at the same time.

The last post talked about the Northeast Gunblogger's shoot. Well, I've been getting ready like everyone. Maybe my kind of getting ready is a little different.

Scene: Big Tech Company, the mail room. In corner is big electronics recycle bin, full of old obsolete computers.

Me: Hey, what happens to that stuff?

Mail Room Guy: Someone comes and hauls it away.

Me: Can I haul some of it away?

MRG: Sure. We have to pay to get it taken out. You're helping us keep costs down. [Well done, Ted!] It may not work, tho. Most of it doesn't.

Me: S'OK. It doesn't have to work. It's a target.

MRG: ????

I've seen lots of exploits targeting Sun Workstations, but never in the 8mm caliber ...

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