Monday, July 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

Since it's impossible to narrow things down to a single winner for QoTD, here's a trifecta of shooty, snarky goodness.

From JD, capturing the attitude of the Massachusetts Ruling Elite:
As others have said better than I, there seems a problem with the logic of the gun grabbers in MA and elsewhere. I was around lots of armed folks all day, with lots of guns of all kinds going off, and no one got mad, no one got shot, no one got threatened but they all had a good time. I guess there is just something wrong with us, maybe the blogging but there was no blood spilled of any kind that I saw. . . .
Saying the same thing more concisely is Bruce:
Suck it, Cadillac.
And my blogfather Jay, thinking that somehow I may be less immature than him:
Apparently my insane feces flinging here inspired him to start his own blog (I would guess under the auspices of "Hell, if this retarded chimp can do it, anyone can")...
Jay, you may be retarded, but I'm retardeder. I keep archives to prove it.

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