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Monday, June 3, 2013

"Secure voting" via credit card?

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s political party, already enfeebled by a chaotic national leadership election last year, faces further ridicule in a Paris town hall primary election which ends tonight.

An “online-primary”, claimed as “fraud-proof” and “ultra secure”, has turned out to be vulnerable to multiple and fake voting.


What was already shaping up as a tense and close election was thrown into utter confusion at the weekend. Journalists from the news site Metronews proved that it was easy to breach the allegedly strict security of the election and vote several times using different names.

To register their vote on-line, Parisians were supposed to make a credit-card payment of €3 and give the name and address of someone on the city’s electoral roll. Metronews said that one of its journalists had managed to vote five times, paying with the same credit card, using names, including that of Nicolas Sarkozy.


The narrowly defeated candidate,  the former Prime Minister, François Fillon, accused the winner, the party secretary general, Jean-Francois Copé of “fraud on an industrial scale”.
Man, that's one locked tight security system.  A veritable electronic Maginot line, even.


Dave H said...

I wonder what lobbyist/marketing wonk sold them on that idea. I wonder if he sold them a monorail too.

To paraphrase: "Is Internet. Is not safe."

Old NFO said...

Heh... +1 on Dave's comment!!!

Mark Philip Alger said...

When even the bunny knew IN ADVANCE that you were GOING to fail...


NotClauswitz said...

Is that the same credit-card scheme Obama used to collect donations?

Ken said...

Man, that's one locked tight security system. A veritable electronic Maginot line, even.

I saw what you did there.