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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's peer-reviewed!

It seems that high heels make women's legs look better.  It also seems that there are too many "scientists" with too little real, you know - science - to do.


Old NFO said...

Meh, all they had to do was ASK... :-)

Anonymous said...

Um, well, this is hardly new. Sort of like doing a study to find out that people enjoy the warmth of sunshine: well, duh, why else do they lay out on the beach?

Even so, it remains a matter of taste. Personally, I prefer bare feet or nice sandals...

lelnet said...

For the scientists: Bravo! You found a way, even though you weren't able to focus your time on important science, to nevertheless avoid the temptation to join the monkeys screeching about how the Earth is going to turn into Venus unless we kill all the capitalists and take all their stuff. You have therefore made the better choice.

For The Register: For shame. Not NEARLY enough snark. Have you somehow been infiltrated and covertly taken over by Serious People(tm)? Best expel all such from your midst immediately, before you lose your reputation entirely!

Graybeard said...

Please tell me I didn't pay for that out of my taxes.


MSgt B said...

Wait...someone will pay me to study women's legs?

Where do I sign up?