Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Visit Rome's museums from the comfort of your own house

This is pretty cool:

Eight of Rome’s civic museums are offering new virtual tours. Available in Italian and English, to tours allow visitors to explore the museums floor-by-floor, in aerial views, through video, audio and information panels.

It’s a curated approach. Select objects on display and important features of the museums themselves are highlighted. You navigate by clicking on arrows, then click on hotspots targeting an object or area and the label/information pops up. If there is video or audio, clickable icons appear on the screen. You can also bounce around using the map icon in the bottom right.

 If history is your bag, Baby, then you should check this out.  Links at the original post. 


Old NFO said...

That is neat, but walking through them is a whole 'nuther' experience...

Aesop said...

Being there is great, but the possibility of seeing any museum without being there is kind of the whole point of the promise of the internet.
Being able to sub-divide any given museum into subsections, with a pro-rated cost, or purchase unlimited visit for a small annual fee would be a boon to such locations, and allow the museum to curate and expand their offerings appropriately, while tapping into immediate and perpetual worldwide funding.

Online virtual visits should become the worldwide standard.
It would never replace being there, but it would expand access to anyone with internet, and everyone would win. Imagine a school district buying an annual pass, and being able to assign students with a specific module. No permission slip, no fundraising, just an unlimited annual access password, and every kid in a given class, school, or system could go there as many times as they liked, and see whatever they like, and never leave their desk.

Monthly or annual passes to virtual visit the British Museum or the International War Museum, let alone the Louvre, the Hermitage, and any other 20 destinations? Versus airfare and the associated rigamarole of customs, Covidiocy, and a dozen other PITAs to go there? No brainer.

Thanks for the links.