Saturday, March 20, 2021

Willie Nelson - On the Road Again

The Queen Of The World and I are on the road, on the Florida panhandle in Navarre.  This is the place where we had the motorcycle accident a while back.   We're staying at a place that is less than a mile from where I dumped the bike.

All in all, I'm enjoying this visit a lot more than the last one.

But being on the road calls for road music, and I find myself surprised that in roughly 700 (!) country music posts I've never posted country music's greatest road song.  Take it away, Willie.


Roy said...

Sung in traffic while some goof up ahead is squatting in the left lane causing chaos...

"On the Phone again.
Gee it's great to be on the phone again.
Jacking traffic while I'm yacking with my friends.
I'm so glad to be on the phone again..."

Old NFO said...

My go to song for years! :-)

Captain Wheelgun said...

“On the phone again
Like a pack of idiots we go down the highway
Talking to my friends
Insisting that the world get out of my way
And my way.....”

LSP said...

Love that.