Saturday, March 13, 2021

Savanna Chestnut - Trailer Park Queen

Gentlemen, there's no fighting in the War Room!

- Dr. Strangelove

Hey, there's no playing country music in Nashville!

- Borepatch

Lord Almighty, is there still some country music in Country Music?  It seems that there is, although you won't find it in Nashville.  Instead, you'll find it in places like Americus, Kansas where hopeful singer/songwriter Savanna Chestnut works a day job while she tries to break into the country music scene with her quirky, funny, and refreshingly traditional songs.

I like this a lot, and hope that Miss Chestnut finds the success that she deserves.


Cederq said...

I like this little gal! Finally some Country! Not that over hyped, same 3 lyrics, pop music sung by a wanna be country... Same goes for modern Christian music, give me them ol' time Gospel any old time!

Old NFO said...

Good music! And definitely 'old school'!

Kurt said...

You want country music?

I give you Corb Lund and Colter Wall.

You can thank me now or later.


LSP said...

Love that. Repost.