Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Very cool story about Jerry Pournelle

 I knew that he was the most interesting man in the world, but didn't know just how interesting he was.  Like "Plan the overthrow of the Communist government of Albania" interesting.


Beans said...

Dangit. They came so close.

LBJ's government would have found a way to screw them.

But, still, very twisted story. Would make a good film. If they stuck to the facts and didn't Hollyweird it.

Old NFO said...

That would make a helluva movie!

A Reader said...

It's a pity his original plan didn't turn out, but at least the Israelis handed the A-rabs their headscarves over it. Again.

LSP said...

I love Pournelle and even more so now that I've read that!

I met Weizman, curiously, but I was very young. Your post brought back memories of Israel.