Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Queen Of The World's Mint Julep

Today is the Kentucky Derby, and so favored daughter of Kentucky (and Kentucky Colonel) The Queen Of The World's Mint Julep comes to mind.  Her recipe follows:

Open a nice bottle of wine.

She's not a Mint Julep fan, although she makes a fine one (as co-blogger and Brother-from-another-Mother ASM826 can attest).  But really - she says get you a nice bottle of wine instead. I think that's kind of funny - you might be able to get yourself deported from Kentucky for disliking the cocktail - but the number of things about her that I think are adorable is a long list indeed.

If you're betting, then the best of luck to you.


LSP said...

I do the same!

Roy said...

Did you see the Bob Baffert interview after the race? He was handed a hand-made mint julep. He tasted it during the interview and said: "This is really good!"

Most mint juleps are made with a pre-fab mix because people don't want to go through the hassle of making one from scratch. It also depends on the bourbon used. In Baffert's case, I'm pretty sure they used Woodford Reserve.

Personally, I think even the hand-made one's are a bit too sweet for my taste, but I still wouldn't turn it down if offered. As for Woodford Reserve, that's best straight up.